Video: Was I Prepared for Life?

Was I Prepared for Life? My Youtube Channel. September 2021. This video includes interviews with my parents — the people who first decided my brother and I shouldn’t have to go to school. I’m super excited to share this with you all. One of the biggest worries we constantly hear (and experience) about unschoolers isContinue reading “Video: Was I Prepared for Life?”

Video: If You Want to — Transitioning to More “Academic” Environments

If You Want to — Transitioning to More “Academic” Environments. My Youtube Channel. August 2021. What is the transition like for unschoolers and other SDE young people if they choose to go into more academic environments, such as college? I often hear people say that you need to practice academic skills early in order toContinue reading “Video: If You Want to — Transitioning to More “Academic” Environments”

Rethinking Partnerships with Youth – Online Workshop Series

Aaron Eden and I have another four-week series of online workshops coming up. During these workshops, we will be supporting parents in rethinking partnerships with young people, deschooling, and self-directed education. As always, this series is live, interactive, and designed to support you wherever you are at in your partnership parenting journey. Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm PST,Continue reading “Rethinking Partnerships with Youth – Online Workshop Series”