I’m Bria Bloom, Executive Director of the Alliance for Self Directed Education (ASDE) and a private consultant who provides parent coaching and support for those families who wish to apply the ideas of partnership parenting in their family.

I was raised in the philosphy of self-directed education and did not attend conventional schooling until I entered a running start program (early college classes) at age 16. Following, I designed my own baccalaureate—”Envisioning the Creative Classroom”—at Western Washington University where I learned more about alternative forms of teaching and learning, and happened to earn a M.S. in early childhood education at Portland State University. That’s how my college story unfolded, though now I recommend considering other paths outside of college.

Along with my responsibilities with ASDE, (1) I run the PDX Flying Squads with my colleague, which is an adventure group for young people to explore and interact with their city; (2) support the Flying Squads Network I co-founded; (3) write, speak, and share about Self-Directed Education, unschooling, and parenting; (4) co-host the podcast, Rethinking Self-Directed Education; (5) co-run a deschooling virtual parent meetup group with two other amazing unschooling mamas; and most important, along with his father, raise my stepson in the philosophy of Self-Directed Education and partnership parenting.

You can read further about PDX Flying Squads, Parent Coaching and Support, Events and Offerings that I’m involved in, my articles and videos on self-directed education, and more About Me.

I’m always here for support, questions, and connection, so please reach out at any time!