Parent Coaching & Support

Shifting from practices based in power-over and control to a relationship with your young people that is based in partnership and mutual support is life-changing for your entire family.

There are many different words and terms for this type of parenting. I call it partnership parenting because it encapsulates the type of authentic, trusting relationship you can build with your young people. But you won’t find a bunch of how-to articles or strict steps for how to follow this process, because it is based in the relationships between you and your children and your own individual wants and needs, and those relationships are different for every family.

I think it is also important to acknowledge that the partnership parenting way of being in relationship is deeply rooted in indigenous practices, and much of our knowledge and understanding of what partnership parenting means come from indigenous societies and norms. More about the importance of this awareness can be found here.

I offer personal coaching and support for parents and families (often referred to as parent coaching), to help you shift into partnership based parenting and grow that natural, authentic relationship with your children.

I also occasionally also offer group classes, which will be posted on the events and offerings page.

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Here is a brief intro on what I mean when I reference partnership-based parenting.

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