Online Meetup – Deschooling: Issa Thing!

I am so excited to announce a collaboration between Eclectic Learning Network, Melissa Bingham, and myself. A monthly, cost-free, meet-up for parents and caregivers — Deschooling: It’s A Thing! Together we will explore and work through the life-long process of Deschooling in all of its many forms and particularly as it relates to our relationships,Continue reading “Online Meetup – Deschooling: Issa Thing!”

Second Rethinking Partnership with Youth Workshop Series!

We just finished our first workshop series on rethinking our partnerships with youth, and had a wonderful time exploring scenarios with facilitators, parents, and others involved in partnering with youth. We have another series coming up on March 13th! Join us Fridays from 11am-12:30pm PST for a live interactive series that will support you allContinue reading “Second Rethinking Partnership with Youth Workshop Series!”

Rethinking Partnerships with Youth workshop series coming soon!

Starting on Wednesday, January 8th, Aaron Eden and I will be co-facilitating an online workshop series about facilitating Self-Directed Education, deschooling, and rethinking our partnerships with youth. This series will be live, interactive, and is designed to support you all in wherever you are at in your Self-Directed Education journey. Wednesdays, 11am-12:30pm PST, starting JanuaryContinue reading “Rethinking Partnerships with Youth workshop series coming soon!”