Video: If You Want to — Transitioning to More “Academic” Environments

If You Want to — Transitioning to More “Academic” Environments. My Youtube Channel. August 2021.

What is the transition like for unschoolers and other SDE young people if they choose to go into more academic environments, such as college? I often hear people say that you need to practice academic skills early in order to successfully enter into college, high school, or other more schoolish environment. In my experience, and that of many others, that just isn’t true. Check out this video to learn more about my transition as an unschooler going into college, and the ways in which I think unschoolers are really well set up for this transition, as well as some of the minor struggles involved in this shift.

Published by briab

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." -John Dewey I am a born and raised unschooler: my first school was college. My self-directed education has been such a strong influence that I have committed my life's work to advocating for SDE for all. I have had the opportunity to to help others learn in a variety of ways, including teaching Martial Arts since I was 14 years old. I currently work as an early childhood educator in a play-based early learning center in Seattle. In addition to my work with children and families, I write, present, and facilitate workshops on early education. I am also helping to organize with the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. To further my career and education, I am currently attending grad school at the Portland State University distance program in early childhood education. Want to learn more about my work and advocacy for self-directed education? Follow me on Twitter: @BriaBlooms Check out the Alliance for Self-Directed Education:

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