Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 15th: Riverstone Village Education Conversation, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Virtual guest for an Ask Me Anything about Self-Directed Education.

Sunday, June 16th: Portland Self-Directed Education meeting. Portland, OR.

June 17th-29th: Speaker at Homeschooling Global Summit.

June 29th: Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference. Panelist for the Self-Directed Education Panel (SDE Thread).

June 30th: Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference. Workshop co-facilitator for “Rethinking Adulting: Being good partners to youth (SDE Thread).”

July 1st: ALC Workshop Co-Facilitator.

Published by briab

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." -John Dewey I am a born and raised unschooler: my first school was college. My self-directed education has been such a strong influence that I have committed my life's work to advocating for SDE for all. I have had the opportunity to to help others learn in a variety of ways, including teaching Martial Arts since I was 14 years old. I currently work as an early childhood educator in a play-based early learning center in Seattle. In addition to my work with children and families, I write, present, and facilitate workshops on early education. I am also helping to organize with the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. To further my career and education, I am currently attending grad school at the Portland State University distance program in early childhood education. Want to learn more about my work and advocacy for self-directed education? Follow me on Twitter: @BriaBlooms Check out the Alliance for Self-Directed Education: www.self-directed.org

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